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Childhood Cancer 2017

18th / 19th September, Newcastle
Two-day meeting focused on translational research for patient benefit.

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Conference presentations

Video footage of some of our speakers’ presentations 
We are pleased to provide videos of some of the conference presentations. Some speakers have required that the videos are only available to conference delegates; these videos are therefore password protected. If you were a delegate at Childhood Cancer 2016, you will receive the password by email; if not you can request it by emailing us.

Nick Goulden
Welcome address:
David Walker
Chair's introduction to day one:
Stefan Pfister:
Is precision medicine a reality for children with cancer in 2016?
Richard Gilbertson:
The successes and future direction of paediatric cancer research and therapy
Lou Chesler:
What is precision medicine?

Anthony Moorman:
The genomic landscape in childhood leukaemia and options for precision therapy
Darren Hargrave:
Our initiatives and strategy to implement precision therapy in the UK
Elisa Izquierdo Delgado:
Validation of a Next-Generation Sequencing assay for detecting actionable mutations in Paediatric Solid Tumours
Anbarasu Lourdusamy:
Identification of distinct molecular characteristics in pediatric spinal ependymoma
Gareth Veal:
Dose Individualisation based on therapeutic drug monitoring as a valuable tool in the application of precision medicine.
Yann Jamin: Non-invasive functional MRI biomarkers for the delivery of precision medicine for children with neuroblastoma
Sarah Kohe:
Non-invasive identification of molecular subgroup in medulloblastoma
Persis Amrolia:
Chair's introduction to Day two
John Anderson:
The challenges of targeting the solid tumour wiht immune therapies
Nai-Kong Cheung:
Antibody-based and Bispecific T-cell dependent therapies
Stephan A Grupp:

The CAR T cell revolution in cancer therapy
Daniel Lee:
NCI CARs for childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and neuroblastoma: the promise and potential pitfalls
Sara Ghorashian:
Vaccination to improve the persistence of CD19CAR gene-modified T cells in relapsed pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Amin Hajitou:
Toward a targeted intravenous delivery platform for paediatric brain tumours by a harmless bacteria virus
Denis Henshaw:
Chair's introduction to day three
Mehmet Dorak:
Making sense of genetic associations with childhood leukaemia risk
Gerald Kendall:
Childhood leukaemia and natural background radiation
Kurt Straif:
What do we know about risk factors for childhood cancer and what are the challenges in ongoing research?
Mark Miller:
Primary prevention: Can we reduce exposure to risk factors associated with childhood leukaemia and other cancers?
Gisele Brisson:
NQO1, GSTM1 and GSTT1 polymorphisms are associated with childhood acute myeloid leukemia subtypes and type I mutations